Al Truistic’s eStore page

Clicking on any of the items on this page will take you to Al Truistic’s online Square store where these items can be purchased. A flat rate shipping of $20 will be added to deliveries outside the Gravenhurst area. Gravenhurst area orders will be delivered next morning.

Honey Garlic Ale Bread kit

Honey Garlic is a crowd favourite flavour that works well with numerous different brews, as long as they’re pale in colour and not an IPA as the bitterness will fight with the sweet honey. Order a single kit, a two pack or six pack.

Oatmeal Stout Bread Kit

Our Oatmeal Stout bread kit morphed out of Dave’s Grandmother’s Porridge Bread recipe and works well with any Stout, Porter or Dark Lager. As this is a sweet bread steer clear of Dark IPAs as the bitter and sweet will conflict. Order a single kit, a two pack or six pack.

Mixer Pack

Mix and match the kits in either a two pack or six pack which can be configured to total six kits

Craft Beer Bread Package

Bundle one, two or six kits together with a quality 1 ½ lb (10″) Loaf Pan

1 ½ lb (10″) Loaf Pan

High quality non-stick 1 ½ lb – 10″ loaf pan.

We have other items available on the Square site … check them out!